Review Request 110992: Changed some code in plotsdictionarymodel.cpp and plotsdictionary.h to have better dictionary support

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Fri Jun 14 17:13:34 UTC 2013

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Review request for KDE Edu, Aleix Pol Gonzalez and Percy Camilo Triveño Aucahuasi.


Improvement in the code of plotsdictionarymodel class in analitzaplot.

1) Initially , the constructor itself creates the dictionary. Now , the constructor just initializes the object and user/programmer can create the dictionary according to the wish and the flow of the program.
2) Also , I have added some improvements to support plotting from the dictionary for both the dimensions ( dim2D and dim3D ). For that , the assumption is that the dictionary file ( .plots file ) will contain the dimension in the first line as a comment ( e.g. [// dimension :=2 //] code in the first line in .plot file).
3) I have also added some other dictionary files ( for dim2D and dim3D )  so that other application based on Analitza ( in my case Khipu ) can use the dictionary support very well. These dictionary files are just for testing purpose. I am still looking forward in creating a rich collection of dictionary files. 
Here, the dictionary files will be installed in the directory whose path will be like : [ default-kde-path / libanalitza /plots ].  

-> Once , the change will be merged in analitzaplot , khipu can also work very well as far as the dictionary support is concerned. :) 


  analitzaplot/data/plots/3Ds.plots PRE-CREATION 
  analitzaplot/data/plots/basic_curves.plots 42d8ec7 
  analitzaplot/data/plots/conics.plots PRE-CREATION 
  analitzaplot/data/plots/polar.plots PRE-CREATION 
  analitzaplot/plotsdictionarymodel.h a308cdc 
  analitzaplot/plotsdictionarymodel.cpp 3e99167 



Done.. works in khipu .. but I am not sure if other part of analitza uses plotsdictionarymodel. If that is the case , then we need to change the code for that class also . but as fas as I know , there is not any other class which depends on plotsdictionarymodel in analitza.


Punit Mehta

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