Review Request 108917: Let GenericAffinityTransform and GenericProjectivityTransform use Repeated Points

David Narváez david.narvaez at
Tue Feb 12 07:55:55 UTC 2013

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Review request for KDE Edu and Christoph Feck.


This change is pretty trivial, but I'd like some BIC experts to check if I can commit this to 4.10. This is a year-old bug that was quite trivial to solve and I just realized that, so I wouldn't want users to wait for another major release for a fix.


  misc/object_constructor.h fbd019c 
  misc/special_constructors.h d60d3d7 
  misc/ 94f7d50 



1. Create 4 points
2. Create a line
3. Create a generic affinity transform that uses 3 of the 4 points as source vertex and 2 of the 3 source vertex plus the 4th point as the 3 destination vertex

Before this patch, you would end up having 6 points.


David Narváez

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