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Andreas Cord-Landwehr cordlandwehr at
Tue Aug 27 21:32:57 UTC 2013

Hi all, Nicolas is currently doing the awesome job to create SVN to Git 
conversion rules for our website repository. While doing so, he discovered 
some "data" that probably should be put to more appropriate locations 
and not to the website Git (also to reduce its size):

In general these files can be parted into two groups:
 a) KDE Edu promo presentations
 b) KDE Edu internal plans presentations
The second group seems for me to be a good candidate to be put into the 
community wiki next to the meeting notes. For the first group, I am not 
sure whether there exists something like a shared slide pool for KDE 
Promo. Any suggestions where to put them?

Course Data/Application Data:
These are mostly data files either already provided by (and 
hence by the KDE mirror network) or good candidates to be provided by
Nevertheless, they surely should stay in a version control system since 
they are important contributions. I would suggest to create the following 
repositories to organize these files. From there the files for 
can be generated:

* kig-data
  - everything currently in folder kig
* kturtle-data
  - everything currently in folder kturtle
* kvtml-data
  - everything currently in folders kvtml and kvtml2
* kdeedu-data-tools
  - all scripts that are used to package and put the data to
  - tools to create websites with overview information

Folders where I am completely unsure about what to do with:
* flags
  - are they used anywhere at the website/what is their use case?
* sounds
  - is this simply a copy from e.g. khangman and could be removed from the 

It would be great if some of the "longer in KDE Edu than me" people could 
comment to this and shed some light on the files about that I do not have 
any idea :)

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