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Tue Aug 27 07:26:41 UTC 2013

I am the developer of the project educazionik, simple software for primary
school Italian, a year ago we talked about bringing my software in
edu-kde, but I have not yet done so (you forgive me). I can bring my
experience in Italy, side windows pc is used (few linux often because is 0
cost), there are now experimental classes who are using android tablet. I
think the choice falls on android for cost reasons. I think a tablet
plasma would be towed to kde  on pc, many buy a mac after buying an iphone
or ipad.


ps. sorry for my previous mail in italian (the haste is a bad counselor)

> Hi,
> I've just read this on G+:
> KDE is the best choice for education KDE-education is fantastic, but what
> we can do to promote its use in schools around world?
> ...
> In Taiwan, we're now working on an extended distribution called ezgo,
> which
> is derived from ubuntu (before 2011) and kubuntu(2012~now).  It is aimed
> for education, pre-installing many good free and open source software for
> education.  This year we'll have about 10 thousands PCs bundle with ezgo
> 2013, which will be distributed to about 300 high schools and elementary
> schools.
> ...
> Since it is based on Kubuntu since last year, it means that there will be
> many students using KDE at school and at home from this year.  We'll also
> write a book simply introducing KDE.
> ----------
> First of all, kudos to he who made it possible, I have no idea but it's
> awesome. :)
> Then anybody knows who is in charge? Maybe we can use this opportunity to
> get any feedback at last?
> Cheers! \o/
> Aleix
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