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Andreas Cord-Landwehr cordlandwehr at
Fri Aug 9 20:38:51 UTC 2013

Hi Inge, I think that is a very good idea to start with a blueprint course that 
we can use to provide basic vocabulary courses for other languages.
The current list really well fits to what I have in mind when thinking about 
the meaning of "basic course".

Some comments to the categories:
* a category for relative pronouns ("this, that, those...) is missing
* the current category "Pronouns" should better be called "Personal 
* In general there are very few adjectives and verbs, maybe add a 
categories for describing persons, describing a house, or describing 
activities (I was already thinking about verbs/adjectives needed in specific 
situations, but I think that goes beyond the scope of a "basic course")
* for the Locations category, I cannot follow why you selected the current 
sub-categories :) IMO it would make more sense to use e.g. "buildings", 
"points of interests (tourism)", and add "Directions" (which is currently in 
category "others")

For the second step, I think it also could be an interesting approach to 
define a set of scenarios and collect word lists for the vocabulary required 
in those situations. (at least my current work book for my French course is 
doing it that way ;) And as Bèrto pointed out, there are already some good 
Parley courses that could be reused/be good starting points for that.

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