Basic words in a new language

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Fri Aug 9 14:01:04 UTC 2013

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Від кого: "Inge Wallin" <inge at>
Дата: 9 серпня 2013, 16:32:09

> Come on! 
> Is there really nobody who have an opinion on the first words to learn in a new language?


I think the list of such words strongly depends on the goal of the learning of foreign language. One book that is meant to study mathematicians to write scientific texts for English journals recommends ~30 phrases and ~20 rules to use in the texts and that's enough (tested). ;)

For spoken conversation, words do not mean much but phrases do.

If you want to read papers, some statistical analysis can be at hand [1] (analysis can be complex if the inflexion rules should be taken into account). There are many linguistic papers on the topic of decipher of ancient languages and statistical methods are proven to be effective if some language rules and the direction of writing are known.

// I am not a linguist. ;)

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