Review Request 110953: Stylistic changes to FindBoostPython.cmake and framework

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Tue Aug 6 16:26:05 UTC 2013

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Review request for KDE Edu and David Narváez.


Polish FindBoostPython.cmake from CMake's point of view:
 * Use BoostPython_ prefix instead of BOOST_PYTHON_
   (BOOSTPYTHON_ is also acceptable but is unreadable);

 * Remove extra call to find_package(BoostPython);

 * Replace macro_optional_find_package() with simple find_package(),
   CMake has CMAKE_DISABLE_FIND_PACKAGE_Foo feature for a while.

This is a first patch of a bigger set, containing only minor fixes.

This addresses bug 320807.


  CMakeLists.txt 3c3da29 
  KigConfigureChecks.cmake fed38b3 
  cmake/modules/FindBoostPython.cmake d6c5a34 



OpenBSD-CURRENT, CMake 2.8.11, KDE 4.10.4, Boost 1.53, Python 3.3 and 2.7.


Vadim Zhukov

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