Review Request: Adds support for Share-Like-Connect, making khangman activity enabled

Laszlo Papp lpapp at
Tue Oct 30 13:23:36 UTC 2012

> All true. I didn't make my main point clear enough. S-L-C is not an
> application feature (even if the application obviously need some code for it),
> its workspace feature.
> Every user will look in workspace handbook if he want's to know more about it.

How will they go to the workspace handbook if they start using
KHangMan on gnome or ratpoison? They will not know about workspace
without getting this mentioned. Even if they are on workspace, they
may have not read that the documentation and this is a good way of
getting to that point again. Such things just happen in real life. :-)

> Also the availability of the feature depends on the workspace the user
> employs, so stating support for a thing which may or may not be even available
> is not helpful.

Tomaz had a very good proposal in my opinion what to add to the
documentation. They can look for further information elsewhere and so

> All you can safely do is saying "This application supports the KDE Activities
> System" What's the help of that?

I will know that KHangMan is activity enabled regarding workspace, so
at least I got a basic hint where to check further if I am interested

> At the end of day, I want stop anyone to add such information to the
> handbooks, I only think our manpower is rather limited (as always...) and the
> should focus on more important things.

Documenting what we have is even more important to me than adding
further undocumented features. In my book, less feature, but with
better quality matters more. Quality is made of appropariate
documentation as well in my opinion.

Anyway if people would not like to see this feature documented, I will
accept the majority. This is just my personal opinion. :-)


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