ktouch/next ready for merge

Sebastian Gottfried sebastiangottfried at web.de
Thu Oct 25 17:42:00 UTC 2012


thanks for testing the new version.

> 1. The new version is QML-based so scripty does not extract messages. This
> leads to almost totally untranslated interface. Can the extraction and the
> loading of the translations be fixed?
I've already use the i18n() function provided by libkdeclarative, but message 
extraction was totally broken. It didn't only miss 90% of all C++ files but 
all the QML files, too. This is fixed now.

> 2. This version seems does not work (but compiles) in KDE 4.8.5/Qt 4.8.2.
> Can something like find_package(KDE4 4.9.0 REQUIRED) be added into
> CMakeLists.txt?
Done that.

> 3. Are there any plans to update documentation to the new version?
It's on my list, but the remaining four features on list and the few bugs I 
know of have a higher priority right now. Any help there would be highly 
welcome, though. I'm certainly not the best technical writer one can think of.

Best regards,


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