ktouch/next ready for merge

Yuri Chornoivan yurchor at ukr.net
Thu Oct 25 15:45:15 UTC 2012

> Hi,
> > 2. No Support for Other Platform than X11
> > 
> > The new version depends on X11 to detect the system's keyboard layout. That
> > alone could be easily rectified, but the problem is deeper than that. On
> > other platforms keyboard layouts doesn't have necessarily the same name
> > than on X11, some kind of mapping between the names must be established. On
> > top of that, sometimes the keyboard layouts themselves differ, e.g. the Mac
> > keyboard layouts are slightly different than their PC counterparts.
> After some discussion it was decided to implement a simple configuration menu 
> to manually configure the keyboard layout on those platforms. That changes 
> required for that are now in, so the new version of KTouch should be useable 
> on all platforms the old version supports too.
> Any other objections against the merge? 
> Best regards,
> Sebastian Gottfried


Many thanks for your work on the new version of KTouch.

Just some minor issues in the current git/master.

1. The new version is QML-based so scripty does not extract messages. This leads to almost totally untranslated interface. Can the extraction and the loading of the translations be fixed?

2. This version seems does not work (but compiles) in KDE 4.8.5/Qt 4.8.2. Can something like find_package(KDE4 4.9.0 REQUIRED) be added into CMakeLists.txt?

3. Are there any plans to update documentation to the new version?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Best regards,

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