ktouch/next ready for merge

Sebastian Gottfried sebastiangottfried at web.de
Tue Oct 23 16:54:30 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

I've successfully completed the last small features I absolutely deem 
necessary for the initial release, so if no one objects I'm going to merge it.

I think this new version delivers a massively improved training experience so 
we really should release it with KDE SC 4.10 despite a few feature 
regressions. The most obvious ones are:

1. No Support to Train on External Text Files

The old version has the feature where the user may pick a arbitrary text file 
from his computer to train on. The new version lacks that. Instead the user 
has to create a custom course to train on own texts. That's not especially 
difficult with the new course editor, but still more cumbersome than in the 
old version.

2. No Support for Other Platform than X11

The new version depends on X11 to detect the system's keyboard layout. That 
alone could be easily rectified, but the problem is deeper than that. On other 
platforms keyboard layouts doesn't have necessarily the same name than on X11, 
some kind of mapping between the names must be established. On top of that, 
sometimes the keyboard layouts themselves differ, e.g. the Mac keyboard 
layouts are slightly different than their PC counterparts.

Other than that the feature regressions are either rather unimportant, like 
the dedicated color scheme manager, or due to technical restrictions, like the 
sound feedback because of Phonon's inability to do low latency sound output.

Best regards,


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