libkeduvocdocument on harmattan

Roman Karlstetter roman.karlstetter at
Thu May 24 09:17:02 UTC 2012


I'm trying to develop a very simple vocab-training application (lighter/less 
features than parley) for meego/harmattan. I already got this working somehow 
(I was able to compile and deploy it on my N9). Now I messed up my Qt SDK 
installation and had to reinstall it, but now I can't get my app to link 
against libkeduvocdocument. 
Can someone please tell me what I could have forgotten to install or setup?

I used the script on to install 
libkeduvocdocument (and everything else that is needed) to the harmattan 

The error that I get is
ld: cannot find -lkeduvocdocument


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