Laszlo Papp lpapp at kde.org
Tue May 15 10:56:45 UTC 2012

Hey Aaron again ;)

> a) i guarantee you there are things that will not work from kdelibs without it
> right now

Hmm, I see. I have been then a happy kdelibs-only use the last two
years at least for the application I have worked on. Perhaps, I have
missed and not bothered the promises from the kdelibs maintainers for
this since everything has been working, so I have been always "luck".

If there is really no guarantee for even 5-10 LOC I write into
kdelibs, it is going to work without kde-runtime, it is really better
to ship better user experience with providing huge libraries, like
kde-runtime. This would also affect the case one uses
QtDesktopComponents then with kdeclarative for instance. That is
something we cannot spare (among other things in kdelibs). Therefore:
yes, kde-runtime is not an additional dependency from good user
experience point of view.

Thanks for reminding me!

> please show me a Linux distribution that does not treat kde-runtime as a hard
> dependency for use of kdelibs.

I have packaged gluon for Maemo, MeeGo and Mer (I have done the same
for Windows, but that is not Linux) without having kde-runtime
dependency. Although, these are mobile platforms, not desktop, so I
can see the difference about trying to get rid of the dependencies as
much as possible, especially for application stores. In the end, you
are right. The user experience will be better for end users, if we
ship kde-runtime even if it is a huge dependency, and even very hard
to get packaged for certain platforms.

> this doesn't change the current state of things, and it is not a reason to
> then poorly advise people to stay clear of using the Plasma Components now.

The dependency was one point behind my stance. I am unfortunately
having a tough deadline in here, but I will get back with my points
why I prefer other project(s). I am not saying this is not a great
project, but we all have personal preference based upon technical
facts. As for KDE4, I think kdeui has its place in.

Thanks for reminding me again! It really seems to me I have skipped
this point over the last two years while developing UI applications.
:) You are definitely right, if not even a one-liner macro is
guaranteed to work without kde-runtime, we need to ship that.

It is suboptimal as of now, but as we mentioned in this thread
frameworks is a different story for this. I am looking forward to
helping with that in the future as well as much as I can!

Best Regards,
Laszlo Papp

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