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We are in the process of merging KmPlot into KAlgebra so I don't think 
it is worth the effort to improve KmPlot at this stage.
Percy, Aleix, is that correct?

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On 05/05/2012 07:23 PM, Rahul Sharma wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to propose an idea for Kmplot.
> 1.) Kmplot lacks the support for the plot of functions like semi-log, 
> loglog, contour plots, etc.
> I want to add these to Kmplot.
> 2.) KAlgebra is an application which also plots graphs of functions. 
> But there are some interesting
> features of KAlgebra that Kmplot is missing. I would like to bring 
> these features to kmplot.
> I am pretty much familiar with the source code of Kmplot plus I have 
> done patches for Kmplot.
> I want to implement these in Kmplot as part of SoK project this year.
> Can anybody mentor me on this idea ?
> P.S. : These are the ideas suggested by Todd Rme in a mail.
> -Regards,
>  Rahul Sharma
>  NUM_1 (on <>)
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