Sebastian Gottfried sebastiangottfried at web.de
Thu May 3 21:15:31 UTC 2012

Am Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2012, 20:16:04 schrieb Laszlo Papp:
> >  * completely done in QML
> >  * uses the new QML Plasma Components for common widgets to ensure a
> Meanwhile, I guess most people are fine with Plasma, I would not
> personally like to use Plasma Components on my desktop for several
> reasons. Would the current UI still be available or do you have a
> plasma-free replacement for that ?
No, the current UI isn't available, I don't have a replacement and I don't 
intend to create one.

One of my main goals with KTouch was that it feels more than a game than a 
productivity application. IMO This means custom graphics and and a thoroughly 
animated user interface.

The best tool to create such UIs in the Qt world is definitely Qt Quick, but 
Qt Quick lacks right now support, at least on the desktop, for common widgets, 
like buttons and text input fields. Fortunately there are the Plasma 
Components which fill this gap nicely.

The most important part of the application, the training screen, uses almost 
exclusively custom graphics, so Qt Quick was the obvious choice to implement 
it. The other screens could have been build with Qt widgets, but it would have 
been considerable more work and there would have been a strong break between 
the training screen and the over screens because Qt Quick and Qt widgets don't 
mix well. Right now there are nice transitions between the individual screens 
which wouldn't be possible or at least much more difficult to implement with a 
mixture of Qt Quick and Qt widgets.

What are your reasons for your aversion against Plasma Components on the 
desktop? For me they are the best tool to reach my goal and I'm glad that they 
exist, because development with Qt Quick is so much more productive than with 
Qt widgets.


Sebastian Gottfried

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