KGeography, 2 improvement suggestions

Laurent G. lauranger at
Sun Jun 3 14:04:45 UTC 2012

Le 26/05/2012 23:46, Loïc Etienne a écrit :
> 1. Random color assignment (on demand)
> For example, I know that Liberia is the red one. But it is not what I am
> supposed to learn.
> 2. Change of map orientation
> For better memorizing the relative positions of the countries to each
> others. Furthermore, it is always enlightening to consider things from
> another perspective. Even orientation change (axial symmetry) could be
> interesting, and probably easy to implement.
> Thank you for kde-edu.


For first proposition, I tinkered around but encountered a possible
glitch in user least astonishment principle when it comes to showing
good and bad answers : as a side effect of my (wanted minimal) changes,
good and bad answers are (still) shown with original colors not
shuffled/randomed colors meanwhile we still show these shuffled colors
on the map at then end of the game. Changing the way the answers are
shown is another beast to cope with.

Is it a show stopper to you ?

For second proposition, I'd rather play with orientation just for parts
that should be recognized in the mcq (as the flags or capitals are).
Putting a "whole" (say World) east to top for example sounds less
interesting to me.

Anne-Marie asked Loïc to reports these wishes as requests on the
tracker, but if accounts on tracker and accounts on the mailing list are
different things I know it can be discouraging to have one more account
with a password to recall just for a one time wish/idea. I guess I can
add these wishes on behalf of Loïc. Should I ?


Laurent G.

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