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Marco Calignano marco.calignano at
Mon Apr 2 16:08:14 UTC 2012

I was hoping in a little brainstorming to come up with one

On 03/31/2012 09:52 AM, Anne-Marie Mahfouf wrote:
> On 03/30/2012 09:31 PM, Marco Calignano wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> out designer would like to know if we can come up with a graphic 
>> theme for Pairs.
>> If we look kanagram the theme is a classroom and the icons are 
>> drawers. If we look khangman we can even switch between theme, see, 
>> desert, etc.
>> I ask you help to come up with suggestion so then Aleix,  Abhash and 
>> me can choose one.
>> Thank you very much
>> Marco
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> Hi Marco,
> As said Aleix, I think it's up to your designer to make up a theme. 
> You can also base yourself on an existing theme and take elements from 
> it. The Bee theme in KHangMan was taken from the Bee theme in Parley 
> for example.
> In KLetttres the designer chose a bear for young kids.
> Anne-Marie
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