[kde-edu]: Re: GSoC Project Idea: Scilab support in Cantor

Filipe Saraiva filip.saraiva at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 18:29:30 CET 2011

This is a good idea? Feedback from you is important to me.


2011/3/20 Filipe Saraiva <filip.saraiva at gmail.com>

> One more info, I forgot to put in the previous e-mail: already contacted
> Alex Rieder, lead developer of Cantor, and he said he is unavailable for any
> GSoC project mentoring this year.
> I'm following one of his suggestions by sending an e-mail to the group and
> wondering who would be interested and available to be my mentor in this
> project.
> Thank's,
> 2011/3/20 Filipe Saraiva <filip.saraiva at gmail.com>
>> Hello KDEers,
>> My name is Filipe Saraiva, member of KDE Brasil and "padawan" KDE
>> contributor in kdeedu. I have a bachelor's degree in computer science
>> (Federal University of Piauí) and am currently candidate of master's degree
>> in electrical engineering (University of São Paulo).
>> My contribution to kdeedu was to develop the functionality to change axes'
>> labels of Kmplot. I developed this during the last Akademy-BR. The following
>> blog post explains a little more -
>> http://liveblue.wordpress.com/2010/04/19/akademy-br-changing-axis-labels-in-kmplot/
>> <http://liveblue.wordpress.com/2010/04/19/akademy-br-changing-axis-labels-in-kmplot/>In
>> my academic life, I worked extensively with mathematical programming, which
>> I extensively used programming languages ​​targeted for this area, such as
>> Fortran, and mathematical programming environments such as Scilab.
>> With Cantor launch and its architecture that allows support for
>> multiple mathematical programming environments, I thought it would be an
>> interesting idea to work with Scilab support in Cantor during the GSoC 2011.
>> What do you think? Someone is available to be my mentor on this project?
>> This email is being sent to Sandro Andrade and Tomaz Canabrava, who are
>> already experienced in KDE and know me. They can talk more about me, if
>> necessary.
>> Thank's;
>> --
>> Filipe Saraiva
>> http://filipesaraiva.info/
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> --
> Filipe Saraiva
> http://filipesaraiva.info/

Filipe Saraiva
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