[kde-edu]: GSoC Project Idea: Scilab support in Cantor

Filipe Saraiva filip.saraiva at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 23:15:57 CET 2011

Hello KDEers,

My name is Filipe Saraiva, member of KDE Brasil and "padawan" KDE
contributor in kdeedu. I have a bachelor's degree in computer science
(Federal University of Piauí) and am currently candidate of master's degree
in electrical engineering (University of São Paulo).

My contribution to kdeedu was to develop the functionality to change axes'
labels of Kmplot. I developed this during the last Akademy-BR. The following
blog post explains a little more -

my academic life, I worked extensively with mathematical programming, which
I extensively used programming languages ​​targeted for this area, such as
Fortran, and mathematical programming environments such as Scilab.

With Cantor launch and its architecture that allows support for
multiple mathematical programming environments, I thought it would be an
interesting idea to work with Scilab support in Cantor during the GSoC 2011.

What do you think? Someone is available to be my mentor on this project?

This email is being sent to Sandro Andrade and Tomaz Canabrava, who are
already experienced in KDE and know me. They can talk more about me, if


Filipe Saraiva
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