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Agustín Benito Bethencourt (Toscalix) toscalix at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 12:22:13 CET 2011


During the talk for the project overview I would include two topics:


On Viernes 04 Marzo 2011 00:32:21 Aleix Pol escribió:
> Hi edu!
> As I said when I proposed Bilbao as the host of our next meeting I briefly
> talked about a possible open day for people interested in Free Software
> Education to come. We need to sort out what do we want to offer there, here
> there's a proposal:
> - Introduction
> - Project overview 1h
a.- Intro
b.- Impact of KDE-Edu: description of who and where is KDE- edu being used 
(numbers). Distros that used
c.- One of the most relevan arguments toward choosing KDE-edu is thta ii's being 
around for a while now. Historic view is a good argument
d.- Stability
e.- Translations: when you talk about how many languages KDE-edu has been 
translated to you are reflecting several good arguments that support the project
> - Talks about things that we have with its developer (kstar, marble,
> kalgebra, parley, language in general,... depends on who's going to be
> there) 2h
> - Maybe plasma classroom (anyone?) 1h
Plasma classroom+kiosk+kde-edu is a great combination to show how bright is our 
> - Some show of kde edu running in different devices 1h
KDE-edu over windows is something worth showing
> - Conclusion and wrapping up 1h
How to get involved
Show the bug and svn/git in order to give an idea of the development process. 
This usually make a good impact on managers
> Any thoughts? Additions?
> What developers would be wanting to talk about their apps?
I would include a pure 100% technical talk for developers and tech students
> Cheers!
> Aleix


Agustín Benito Bethencourt (toscalix)

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