[kde-edu]: New asymptote export filter for Kig (second try)

Raoul raoulb at bluewin.ch
Wed Mar 2 22:00:03 CET 2011


Sorry for the long delay, I was busy with many other things.
But the good new is that I had the time to include my asymptote
export filter for kig into the general latex related exporter.

Thus we have e PSTrick, a TikZ and an asymptote exporter working :-)

There are several minor issues left but before resolving these
I'd like to get some feedback on the overall effort. (The basic
features work, its mostly some corner cases and the grid.)

I heared KDE/kdeedu moved the repositories to git. But I don't
know if this process has started or is already complete for kig?

The diff attached is based on the latest svn HEAD.
I'll upload it to the review board if this is still
the way to go.

-- Raoul
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