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On Thursday, 16. June 2011 12:53:06 Alexander Potashev wrote:
> 2011/6/16 Torsten Rahn <tackat at t-online.de>:
> > I'm not sure what you mean. There's a full list of strings available
> > here:
> > http://community.kde.org/Marble/VoiceOfMarble/Translations
> He probably meant that it would be better to have only whole sentences
> or larger parts of sentences in those strings. 

Ideally yes. And that's why we avoid doing stuff like this with text strings.
However there are at least two reasons to do it differently in this particular 

- The string snippets chosen in this case are mostly the same ones used for 
TomTom, (http://www.tomtom.com) so by "standardizing" on these it's possible 
to exchange existing files easily.
- providing full sentences would require to record all possible combinations 
which would add up to a hefty download for sound samples.

I agree that we need to put together possible combinations in use so that the 
concatenation can be done properly and specific to each language.

Best Regards,

> For example, it would
> be better to have a bunch strings like "after one hundred meters"
> instead of segmentary strings "after", "one hundred" and "meters".

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