Some weird problem with using Parley

michal o michelashop at
Sat Jul 30 19:37:49 CEST 2011


I'm an user of Parley and KWordQuiz. I noticed there's a bug or there's no
such a useful mode like flashcards with sound! I run Parley, then open my
own collection which I use in KWordQuiz, Parley import all the items and it
sees linked soundfiles, I can test it clicking play and it works. Then I
choose a practice mode - flashcards - and it works great, but there's no
sound or even such a button to play a sound manually. How does it look in
KWordQuiz? Much better - with the same file, it plays sound during checking
an answer automatically and then I can click play manually. But i'd like to
use Parley which is definitely more advanced. What do i have to do to play a
sound doing flashcards mode? It's also lack of such options like selecting
eg 20 in 1000 items to practice and setting shortcuts to "check, i know and
i didn't know buttons" (it's possible in KWordQuiz).

I have to admit both applications are really great and useful - good job!
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