KDE Plasma Edu. Desktop: Getting the configuration settings/files from the server!

karan pratap singh wizard.karan at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 22:32:58 CEST 2011


I was thinking about the mechanism with which the student machines can get
the configuration/layout settings from the server, which was put in the
server by the teacher beforehand.

So, will it be better to use a config file to store what the teacher wants
the current state to look like and then the custom containment on the
student machines will download that file from the server and implement those

If a older version is present in the student machine, then the new file
overwrites the old file...

This file download can take place through Telepathy File Transfer
Mechanism/Telepathy Stream TUBES

Or we could just have the containment receive direct DBus signals over the
LAN using Telepathy DBUS TUBES, and then based on those signals the
containment will change the layout accordingly?

According to me approach 1 is pretty good because, we can have a backup of
the settings in the config files, whereas in approach 2 we dynamically
change things...

What is the correct approach out of the above 2?

Karan Pratap Singh
IRC nick: kps_foo
Blog: http://kpsfoo.in/blog/
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