Review Request: Big memory leaks are gone

Jaime Torres Amate jtamate at
Tue Jul 19 18:12:25 CEST 2011

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Review request for KDE Edu.


Remove the big memory leaks that the bug talks about.
In the path to the resolution, some virtual destructors were added, 
a class member for the radical map, and
the use of clear(). Without it, the list items destructors where not called (at least the kDebug that I enabled did not wrote anything).
And finally, the delete before nullify the pointer and the delete where the pointer is not added to the list.

This addresses bug 275047.


  app/kiten.cpp b403da3 
  lib/DictEdict/dictfileedict.h 3916149 
  lib/DictEdict/dictfileedict.cpp f24a492 
  lib/DictEdict/entryedict.h f7eeb62 
  lib/DictEdict/entryedict.cpp 6dbedf5 
  lib/DictKanjidic/dictfilekanjidic.h 49eed7f 
  lib/DictKanjidic/dictfilekanjidic.cpp 318890b 
  lib/DictKanjidic/entrykanjidic.h 9df84f9 
  lib/DictKanjidic/entrykanjidic.cpp 8d0540b 
  lib/entrylist.cpp 002e873 
  radselect/buttongrid.h 2e5c1d7 
  radselect/buttongrid.cpp 51e5e54 



Run kiten under valgrind. The big memory leaks are gone. There are now only Qt, fontconfig and kdelibs leaks.


Jaime Torres

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