R: Regarding login authentication of students by the containment...in KDE Plasma Educational Desktop

LucaTringali TRINGALINVENT at libero.it
Thu Jul 14 17:04:31 CEST 2011

Hi Karan,
I think option a is the best. Remembering username and password is not so 
difficult. Maybe there could be problems with little childs, but the teacher 
can have the list of user/password and help the childs if they forget them. Or 
the teacher can simply reset the password of some students if forgotten.

Luca Tringali

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Ogg: Regarding login authentication of students by the containment...in KDE 
Plasma Educational Desktop

Sooo.. when the student logs in, the custom containment in each student 
desktop has to authenticate the student with the local classroom server...
So we have 2 ways of authenticating the student with the server using kde-
a) We expect the student to remember his username and password, which he will 
enter in a KDialog popup box by the containment, and if he enters the 
username/password correctly( which will be verified by telepathy ), then the 
KDialog box will disappear and his previous saved layout will be fetched from 
the server.
b) We hardcode the username and password for each student's machine, so that a 
desktop A will always have the same username and password, when desktop A loads 
its containment, then its hardcoded account will be used to authenticate it 
with the classroom server, and we then get the student's id number(using a 
KDialog) to fetch his layout from the server.
Option b seems suitable, because students may not remember their details 
properly...where as in option b they only have to remember their id-number, 
which in case a student forgets, the teacher would have a backup copy of it.
but the BIG Problem with option b is that the a student can type some other 
student's id number and get other student's previous layout, instead of his 
own...this will not happen in option a.
In both the above cases, we will have to setup the individual accounts(whether 
they belong to the desktops or the students themselves) initially at the time 
of classroom environment setup.
So I suggest that I continue with option a)......any comments or suggestions?
Karan Pratap Singh

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