Akarsh Simha akarshsimha at
Mon Jul 11 02:03:23 CEST 2011

[For the KDE Edu list folk, KStars confirms its interest in the ESA
SoCiS program.]

> We have the next 4 days to draft an awesome mentoring organization
> application and a bunch of ideas.

Okay, I suggest we draft the application together. Here's a piratenpad

I'll flesh out the questions that we have to answer on the ESA form

> Can we have an IRC meeting within the next 2 days?

Here's a link to schedule an IRC meeting.

That's not really as important as filling out the ESA SOCIS form (by
way of contributing to the piratenpad) and the SoCiS ideas list here
(by way of adding your ideas for KStars):

Also, I need to reconfirm if Marble applied as KDE Edu (in which case,
we need not reapply) or as Marble (in which case we do need to
reapply). As far as I understand, Torsten told me that we are going to
be applying as two different orgs, so I'm going ahead with fleshing
out the piratenpad anyway.

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