[kde-edu]: Re: kalzium, cmake and avogadro

Marcus D. Hanwell marcus.hanwell at kitware.com
Sat Jan 8 04:31:31 CET 2011

On Jan 7, 2011, at 4:50 PM, Marcus D. Hanwell wrote:

> On Jan 7, 2011, at 4:35 PM, Rebetez Etienne wrote:
>> Am Freitag, 7. Januar 2011, 20:17:15 schrieb Albert Astals Cid:
>>> Index: kalzium/KalziumConfigureChecks.cmake
>>> ===================================================================
>>> --- kalzium/KalziumConfigureChecks.cmake        (revision 1211788)
>>> +++ kalzium/KalziumConfigureChecks.cmake        (working copy)
>>> @@ -24,5 +24,5 @@
>>> macro_log_feature(LIBFACILE_FOUND "LibFacile" "libfacile is needed by
>>> Kalzium for the Equation Solver."
>>> "http://www.recherche.enac.fr/log/facile/" FALSE "" "")
>>> macro_log_feature(OPENBABEL2_FOUND "OpenBabel2" "OpenBabel is needed by
>>> Kalzium for the 3D-molecule viewer" "http://openbabel.sourceforge.net/"
>>> FALSE "2.2" "")
>>> macro_log_feature(EIGEN2_FOUND "Eigen2" "A generic C++ template library
>>> for dense and sparse matrices" "http://eigen.tuxfamily.org" FALSE "2.0.0"
>>> "") -macro_log_feature(Avogadro_FOUND "Avogadro" "Advanced molecular
>>> editor" "http://avogadro.openmolecules.net" FALSE "1.0" "")
>>> +macro_log_feature(AVOGADRO_FOUND "Avogadro" "Advanced molecular editor"
>>> "http://avogadro.openmolecules.net" FALSE "1.0" "")
>>> I need this ↑ patch so that the summary line is correct and it tells me
>>> that avogadro is installed, anyone needs the same?
>>> Albert
>> Oh, it's case sensitive:) 
>> Thanks Albert, i was also wondering why i don't find avogadro even though i 
>> have it installed. 
>> I also have fixed the rest of the Avogadro variable names. 
>> There is just one problem left:
>> Now that avogadro ist found, i get a cmake error:
>> CMake Error at kalzium/compoundviewer/CMakeLists.txt:1 (include):
>> include called with wrong number of arguments.  Include only takes one
>> file.
>> CMake Error at kalzium/src/CMakeLists.txt:27 (include):
>> include called with wrong number of arguments.  Include only takes one
>> file.
>> The include is:
>> include(${Avogadro_USE_FILE})
>> Has somone a hint?
> Sorry - I only just spotted this thread. Which version of Avogadro is this, and on what distro? I am not sure why it would go to upper case - it should be Avogadro_FOUND using the AvogadroConfig.cmake that is installed. I can take a look at the build system files but have gotten a little behind.
> Is this the latest version in SVN you are talking about, or somewhere else?

For the list - it seems the Arch is installing a Find module for Avogadro that Avogadro does not install... I patched Kalzium to ignore any find modules as the AvogadroConfig.cmake contains all necessary information. This seems to work as expected - please let me know if any of you hit any other issues.


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