[kde-edu]: Qalculate backend for Cantor - Help system

Matteo Agostinelli agostinellI at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 15:28:25 CET 2011


I am currently working on the Qalculate backend for Cantor, trying to get it 
in shape for inclusion in the next release. I have started with the existing 
code in playground (thanks to Millian Wolff) and you can check the progress in 
svn trunk. 

I have already committed some work, basically introducing new options and the 
corresponding configuration dialog.

For the moment I have one question (I guess more will follow :). How do I get 
the Help system to work? If I understood the code correctly, I think I have to 
do a 

setResult(new Cantor::HelpResult(text))

in the QalculateExpression class somewhere. Right now I am trying to put it in 
the evaluate() method and call it when "help" is detected in the command, but 
nothing seems to happen. What am I doing wrong?


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