Fwd: need more tasks for Code-in

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Mon Dec 12 12:45:01 UTC 2011

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Envoyé: Lundi 12 Décembre 2011 00:11:49
Objet: need more tasks for Code-in

Heya folks :)

We're almost half-way through Code-in. At this point the kids have
completed an amazing 185 tasks since the start on 22nd of Nov. About
another 90 are open for them to work on right now. The second (and
last) round of tasks will be published on 16th and so far we only have
44 more tasks to publish then. I expect a big rush on the tasks
towards the end of the program so we will very likely be able to get
another 200 tasks or more done until the end of the program if we can
provide them. Let's not waste this opportunity.
So if you have tasks please please do add them now, and definitely
before the 16th. If you have questions you can find the admins in


Lydia Pintscher
KDE Community Working Group / KDE e.V. board member
http://kde.org - http://about.me/lydia.pintscher


ref: http://www.google-melange.com
Please join as a mentor first, then ping someone in #kde-soc after that to be registered as a KDE mentor or mail me


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