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Jan Gerrit Marker jangerrit at
Sun Dec 4 13:50:01 UTC 2011

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Review request for KDE Edu.


Some languages (Latin, for example) have declensions for adjectives which do not only depend on the number and case but on the gender, too. libkdeedu has an implementation for declensions which does not honor this. This patch corrects that wrong behavior. The change adds an incompatibility to files which were created using the old library. I don't think that there are a lot of files with declensions out there, as for example parley does not have the feature, yet, but if needed I'd try parse old files, too.


  keduvocdocument/keduvocdeclension.cpp 327c3ed 



Works with parley, after finishing the implementation of the declension widget (I'll create another review request in order to get this in).


Jan Gerrit Marker

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