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Anne-Marie Mahfouf annma at
Thu Dec 1 20:32:01 UTC 2011

On Thursday, December 01, 2011 09:18:13 PM Maurizio Paolini wrote:
> Concerning the encoding I think it *should* be converted into UTF8.
> The conversion should not affect the functionality, since both the
> source code of programs and the result given by only
> uses english names.
> About DICT: actually produces a 'kig save file', which is
> an XML file.  This requires quoting/encoding the characters that XML
> itself uses for its syntax.
> But now I see that there is also some
> single character encoding that seems to convert from iso-8859 to UTF8.
> what I guess is that if the pykig script program (not itself, but
> the python code written by the user that is fed to is also
> written using UTF8 such single-character conversion would not change
> anything (unless in the unlucky event that an UTF8 character is encoded
> exactly in the same way as one of the five accented italian letter are
> encoded in ISO-8859.
> On the other end if a source code is ISO-8859, then it will be converted
> correctly.
> The safest path (guaranteeing 100% compatibility with existing scripts)
> would be to maintain the current DICT value *without*
> reencoding it into UTF8.
> To do this it could be necessary to remove that line from the file, convert
> the file and then readd the removed line without conversion.  Which could
> be tricky, because many editors will convert the line when you paste it
> The actual code of (before translation, I mean) is based on
> original code by myself, but then completely reshaped, because my knowledge
> of python is too poor.  So for any questions of the sort we should contact
> Daniele Zambelli <daniele.zambelli at>  however the email address
> dates back to 2005 and could be outdated.
> Perhaps the translator could take into account these notes and perhaps
> try to also provide an UTF8 version of  He could also add himself
> his name into the file as a translator.
> Maurizio Paolini
The task is closed now so I cannot ask for more work on it.

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