[kde-edu]: doc for first.step

Nagarjuna G. nagarjun at gnowledge.org
Mon May 31 06:40:33 CEST 2010

On Monday 31 May 2010 02:34:36 Burkhard Lück wrote:
> Hi Aditya,
> am Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010, um 22:30:42 schrieb Aditya C.S:
> >    This is the doc for first.step in doc/step/example.doc
> Thanks, now I know that the first part of this example is about a 
> harmonic motion ;-)
> What I'd like to see here, are only short explanations of the examples 
> you wrote about the harmonic motion (physical laws / principles
> demonstrated in the examples).
> So Joe User can use this information to see which topics / facilities of
> step are covered in the examples.


I am using version 0.1 of step on kde 4.4.2.  If I wish to test the
work you are doing, what do I need to do? (I am not an active
developer of KDE, but can follow your instructions, and test.) If I
checkout the latest code, do I have to recompile?  The nature of the
current changes seem to be information files, which probably can be
modified without recompiling.  Am I right? 


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