[kde-edu]: Graph selection

Aditya C.S aditya.gnu at gmail.com
Mon May 24 18:15:10 CEST 2010

     Graphs,Controllers and Meter is not getting selected probably for this
1)For every object created in STEP it can be selected.As there is a code
included for selecting the object.But this is missing for graphs,controllers
and metre.
2)For example in step/step/polygongraphics.cc from line 68 to 98, you can
clearly see the code written for selecting the objects.Where as in
step/step/toolgraphics.cc, where the code for graphs,controllersetc.. has
been written this is not included.Especially from line 81 to 87.A code of
that type should be included in toolgraphics.cc
3) QPainterPath RigidBodyGraphicsItem::shape() const.I think a code of this
type also has to be included in toolgraphics.cc
4)If these changes are made the bug is fixed for sure
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