[kde-edu]: Learning Mathematics with Parley ... but not only

Sabine Emmy Eller s.eller at voxhumanitatis.org
Sun May 16 21:45:34 CEST 2010

I just published the following as blog as well:

I just finished to check the homework of my kids. They are doing their first
steps with fractions right now. The association is always fraction/picture
that represents it to explain. I need to make some exercises about that,
that can be done by using the computer - now I do have a problem. I can do
things like

3/4 represented in a picture and then a multiple choice by writing if that
is a proper, improper or apparent (sorry, I don't know if these are the
correct terms to use - let me shortly explain: 3/4 = proper fraction, 5/4 =
improper faction, 4/4 = apparent fraction - if these terms are wrong, well,
probably they are, please tell me how they are called in English).

This is right now the sole exercise I can create. Similar situations are
true for many other basic mathematics.

What I would like to see is working only with pictures creating an exercise
like: ""hich of the following (graphics) represents the fraction?" giving on
the left hand side for example the 3/4 as numbers and in the multiple choice
selection various graphics of which just one represents 3/4 correctly.

How difficult is this to get? One thing about using graphical representation
is that things are already localized at least for a certain number of

Btw. I had a look at KBruch: well that is too advanced to what they do at
primary school, but since a very similar exercise could be possible to learn
languages like "Which of the following images represents the written
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