[kde-edu]: Data conversion from .csv to .kvtml2

Sabine Cretella s.cretella at gmail.com
Mon May 3 10:23:12 CEST 2010


some months ago Burkhard Lück gave me a Python script that converted my
initial table of three languages from .csv to .kvtml1

Now data and langauges became quite a lot and the script was adapted over
and over again to be able to include all these languages.

Learning is more fun and efficient when you have audivisual material
connected. Audio and pictures is already possible. Now I was thinking about
doing exactly that - but this only works with kvtml2 files.

I tried to adapt the script myself, but could not manage to get the lessons
working (and with 3000+ words you cannot really study without having

Can anybody help with an initial script that converts a table to kvtml2
including pictures and soundfiles? Probably from there I should be able to
add myself also other information like part of speech, conjugation etc. over
time. I can give you the script I am using right now if that helps.

data right now is odered like this:

ID - source language - category - target language 1 - target language 2 -

adding pictures there would be an additional column for the picture

Cheers, Sabine
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