[kde-edu]: ktouch new xml files for german dvorak

Thomas Michael Weissel flexible at xapient.net
Fri Mar 5 08:16:02 CET 2010

hello there.
i really like your application ktouch and i intend to use it a lot in school 
with my students. (i am from austria so my students speak and write in german)

some of my students want to learn the dvorak layout. there is a good german 
dvorak layout called "dvorak type II" but no ktouch files therefore i created a 
dvorak keyboard.xml file for the german language. 

i also created a dvorak german type2 ktouch lesson (still improving but 
already finished and tested and i 
hope you will eventually integrate my updates too)  

as you already may have guessed i would like you to bring my new ktouch 
keyboard and the new ktouch lesson into the next release... 

we germans(austrians) like the old qwertz layout.. some like neo2 but the good 
old dvorak has the most impact i think and should be in ktouch.

here are the files:


thank you very much!
thomas michael weissel

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