[kde-edu]: New flavour of edu.kde.org online

Matthias Meßmer matthias at familie-messmer.de
Thu Jul 1 21:33:33 CEST 2010


today the new website for the KDE Education Project was uploaded. Have a
look at


We hope you enjoy the new layout. It is made to fit in the lately
changed layout of the main site www.kde.org.

Some minor content is still missing. Don't hesitate to contribute us.

If you want to add you news feed to the new "Latest News from our Blogs"
section, send us a link to the feed. Use tags or labels to filter your
posts for educational topics. If you need help, ask on this list or come
to the IRC (#kde-edu).

@developpers: new content related to you project shall go to userbase or

Deep links to old pages will probably work, but will not be maintained
any more. Especially the app's submenus are gone. I will continue with
helping to move the content to the wikis.

Have fun!


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