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Tue Jan 5 16:23:51 CET 2010

Hi all,

We have a team and a proposal for a new educational game. The project idea
is as follows..

The project will be a simulator and a game. It will be easy to explain the
idea in a user perspective view.
First the user will be provided a circuit drawing interface. the interface
will show a PCB in which the user can create his circuit, and the interface
will list the common circuit building elements like basic gates, wires etc
along with micro-controller, motors, wheels etc which will be useful in
making the robot. After creating the robot circuit the user can simulate the
robot in the simulator which will simulate the robot to a virtual world
which will be just like the real world ( ie the user can see how such a
robot is going to behave in real world from its behavior in this virtual
world ) . In the virtual world which is the game interface the user have to
clear different levels of the game like Racing, maze solving, line following
etc. In all these levels the user have to compete with other robots which
are controlled by the system ( The user will be able to clear a level only
if the robot is efficient ). Thus the game can be used for testing the

The inspiration behind game is that the linux distribution provided by the
government of our state to the schools lack such a game which is
interesting, technical and educational at the same time.

We are planning to do it in C++ and Qt and in KDE environment. We have not
yet worked with the KDE libraries but would like to work with th KDE, if
I hope this is enough as an introductory description of the proejct we can
have more discussion about the project if someone needs any clarification
and if some one is willing to mentor us.


Ranjith Babu Kannikara
0091 9809215273
Student, Computer science and engg, GEC Thrissur...
Student developer google ( 2008 GSOC ).
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