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Hi Rahimanuddin,

You are welcome to work on KHangMan if you want. It needs some GUI work as well as some code cleaning/refactoring. About the GUI, the menus are to be redone (having an Open Recent Files action for example) and maybe suppress the Categories and Languages menus. Allow an easier management of themes as well, maybe have a GHNS theme manager.
For code: refactor the way files are loaded. Allow to start with no file. Separate the data code (about the letters) from the GUI. Maybe port the code to some Qt 4.6 niceties like the State
Those are a few ideas I had but did not start yet ;) You can start with KHangMan in trunk with a few patches and then you'll get svn access.
If you prefer KTurtle, I suggest you contact the current maintainers.

Best regards and thanks for your interest in kdeedu!


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Hi there, 
I wanted to contribute to kde-edu. Especially the various programs like kanagram, khangman and kturtle, etc need a lot of improvement with respect to the functionalities, appearence, documentation, though the applications like kstars with "kstars" are well maintained, in a similar manner i too would like to maintain an application of my own. This may sound odd, but i am for it. 

Rahimanuddin Shaik 

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