[kde-edu]: Step without kdelibs?

Tomaz Canabrava tumaix at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 01:14:53 CET 2010

It uses CMake for building

lt uses KDE dinamic library system for easily building a dll on
windows, or a .so on unix.

it uses KHTML, the kde html rendering library

it uses KXMLGuiWindow for building the menus and toolbars dinamically
from a xml file.

KDE's configuration mechanism  ( KConfigXT )

the core is Qt only. but the ui is heavly based on KDE stuff.

take my word for it, if you think that's too much trouble to program
because of the kdelibs dependency, I can take a few days to guide you
througth the code till you feel confident to try.

don't discard anything without trying.

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