[kde-edu]: Re: git conversion

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annma at kde.org
Mon Dec 20 20:31:41 CET 2010

On Monday 20 December 2010 18:59:44 Niko Sams wrote:
> Hi,
> Kde is moving towards git, and so is kdeedu. This crucial part about
> that are conversion
> rules. I wrote those rules for kdemodules including kdeedu you might
> want to use.
when is it going to happen for kdeedu? do you know what other modules similar 
to kdeedu decided (like kdegames?)
> But first you have to decide about the repository layout; should it be
> split or one big repository?
> This has to be decided by the module developers.
> I see one issue with split: libkdeedu. You have to make a "real"
> library out of it that lives
> in it's own repository.
no, the problem is a cmake issue to be sure the lib is found before 
dependencies are build. And maybe the lib needs to be splitted?
Same for data/ and I recently asked how to make sure data/ is installed before 
KHangMan and got no answer. So cmake is going to be an issue if noone helps.
We already have distro problems with data so cmake has better to be good in 
order to have right packaging.
> Other than that split seems to be suitable as most/all(?) applications
> are independent.
There are several possibilities. Either everything is split, or only some 
independent apps are split and other stuff could stay together (like language 
apps for example or math apps). Just ideas.

It would be good if devels would just reply with: I am in favour of splitting 
for <appname>
Otherwise we'll have to take the decision for you.


> My rules produce split repositories, as I would prefer that layout.
> Contributing to marble
> would be much harder otherwise.
> Ok, to test the resulting repositories clone them and review the history:
> git clone
> ssh://git@dewey.kde.org/home/git/nsams/test-complete/KDE/kdeedu/marble
> use this to get a list of all repositories:
> ssh git at dewey.kde.org ls /home/git/nsams/test-complete/KDE/kdeedu
> To access this server you need public key authentication with your
> idendity.kde.org key.
> known issue:
> kalgebra history doesn't go back to playground because of an svn2git
> bug that has
> been fixed already, but this version is not yet on dewey.kde.org.
> Oh, the used rule rule is "kde-ruleset/kdemodule-split-rules"
> Niko
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