[kde-edu]: Re: Questions and Answer educational application, some, > progress

simion ploscariu simion314 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 12:31:47 CET 2010

Hi, again,some answers:
1I want to port it to KDE to be fully integrated with the
desktop,sesions and use the TTS from KDE. One problem with the TTS is
that is broken on my system(kubuntu 10.04+kde4.5.3 from backports)
2I need to make it fullscreen,but talking with some people on IRC some
time ago I find out that QWidget.showFullscreen() causes some
problems(it depends on setup and video configurations) so some ideas
to implement a way to be hard to leave the application will be nice(we
have to nlock the kwin shortcuts)
3 I was thinking on using the new widgets from Qt(AML and QtQuck) for
the user interface but I had no time to learn it, and all the examples
used the declarative language but my interface is dynamic. I also was
thinking about using Python(it could be more easy to get contributors)
but again i am missing free time to learn Python(i prefer static
languages anyway) so i used c++.

The important part is to create a few examples and see if my designs
are working, if I done some mistakes and we can identify them fast(in
the design of the application workflow and the xml  structure) then
the application can be rewriten again from scratch.

After implementig the TTS I will implement a GUI to create the quiz
files,but this must be dealyed untill the xml schema/format will get
stable(maybe we have to add new stuff like specify a background for
the quizz,or maybe someone want a melody playng in the background, or
maybe we need to be possible to use html when displayng a question)

I will have no time to work on it on this week and maybe the next but
hope soon I will integrate it with KDE to use the TTS and the
features. This will take time because KDevelop feels hard for getting
started iwth it and cmake. If someone want to write some quizes for
his children I can help, I can write new samples, provide debugging if
i have time.

Also i have no idea about a good name, and a good description, i used
QA from questions/answers but is not too good.
Thx for feedback .

P.S. I can be found on #kde-edu on IRC with the nick simion314

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