[kde-edu]: Git rules for playground/edu and kdeedu?

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Fri Dec 3 15:50:02 CET 2010


The move to Git is gaining momentum and we don't want to be left behind!

Personally I would like to see playground/edu move really soon so we could get 
started with it. We also will need the kdeedu rules ready quite soon.

I wanted to have a go at playground but I could not get the database due to my 
low connection. Now there are servers available but I did not have another go 
at it. I have very little idea on what to do and I don't think I will be able 
to get the rules for kdeedu...

So I am asking here if anybody is able to do the playground rules first for a 
fast move and if anybody (does not need to be the same) would start the kdeedu 

Best regards to all,


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