[kde-edu]: inclusion of MathematiK in kdeedu

Sabine Emmy Eller s.eller at voxhumanitatis.org
Tue Sep 15 10:46:53 CEST 2009

Hi, I am just trying to read up on this conversation.

My daughter needs to repeat multiplication tables so I thought about
collecting basic exercises for primary school - I created a non complete
calculation file for Parley which I can send to who is interested - the
complete version is going to be uploaded.

Is basic mathematics considered in this application - just addition,
substraction, multiplication and division?

I need her to do exercises now - so: how to create material (if included
here) and make it available to my daugher (is now on Edubuntu 9.04 - that is
since yesterday evening - had to update to have Parley working)

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