[kde-edu]: KDE-Educationals with gnome and win

Sabine Emmy Eller s.eller at voxhumanitatis.org
Wed Oct 7 21:20:21 CEST 2009

Just a note: what I am noting more and more: being able to run the
educationals also with gnome and win is really relevant. Most people start
off with gnome and go ahead with KDE afterwards (I am one of those

I believe this fact should be underlined and very visible on the
KDE-Educational project linking to the "how to install KDE on Windows" - or
maybe even better: create a how-to just for the educationals.

Will go ahead creating packages tomorrow - I still have to get some stuff on
our website ready, otherwise organising co-operation for the single
languages is getting more and more difficult.

Cu :-)

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