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Subject: Thoughts on KDE-Educationals in general
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Yesterday my kids came home and for the first time they got a list of
vocabulary to leran by monday. Needles to say that they will do this with
Parley :-)

But like they do it, the whole class needs to do it. At school the kids use
Win XP (sic) - at home for now mine use edubuntu. We have to consider that
many eachers will not be able to easily install things.

I am asking myself about the following: is there some kind KDE-Educationals
live CD or DVD? There are very slim linux versions that can also be run from
a stick. Passing an updated CD/DVD each X months is not really difficult.

My question is: how difficult would it be to create a basic system that just
runs for example the KDE-Educational applications including the possibility
to "read books" (there is no public library here, so if we can get them also
books to read ...) where the system remains the same for a long time and we
only add contents. So new releases do not necessarily involve re-creating
the system over and over again - this could be done maybe once a year or
whenever who does it finds it comfortable.

Or is there already something like this existing?

Next point: Localization of UIs
I am not very familiar with KDE localization for now. Through the website I
cannot understand in how many languages the applications are already
available and how we can translate them into other languages (for example
Udmurt). Is there a special team that cares about educationals? Or just the
localisation mailing list?

Does the website edu.kde.org exist in other languages?

Sorry for all these questions - I need to get a complete overview (by now I
don't even know all the options I have with only Parley ;-) ... RTFM is not
really what I like to do ... it creates some kind of hick-up with me. But
seriously: we have been hassling around with various applications here and
there, trying various ways. I found Parley and KDE-Educationals by chance
and immediately the feeling "this is it" came up.

Well I have plenty more things to ask and find out, but let's start here :-)

Cheers, Sabine
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