[kde-edu]: parley, wikimedia and autocomplete your input

Andreas Kainz andreas_k at abwesend.de
Thu Nov 26 01:05:25 CET 2009


I'm looking for audio files and pictures for the google document at
wikipedia/wikimedia/wiktionary and the good news is.

1. wiktionary
At wiktionary you will find a loot of interested information for
parley. You can get there a audio file with the Pronunciation,
informations about  Etymology and so on. I only look for the audio
files in english and german and it seem to be a good place to get
these files for the google list. Also the link synthax is easy for
http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/File:en-us-frog.ogg ([en] for english
[en-us] for american english [frog] for the examle)

2. wikimedia
Every data file for the example you will finde at wikimedia.

3. licence
Everythime the "problem" because you need free pictures. At wiki...
there are a lot of pictures with a gpl or public domain licence. The
other pictures use a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike licence.

wiktionary: is realy fine for us, because there are the informations
about the words, so is it possible to have a connection from parley to
wiktionary, like leo or better?
wikimedia: also a connection with wikimedia will be nice.

my improvement:
I'll like when things will work automatically. So my improvement is to
write your example in your natural language in parley and the app show
you the transation for your second language, look after the audio
files, the phonetic spelling and so on, from wiktionary, some pictures
from wikimedia (sorted by licence 1. public domain, 2. gpl, ...) and
when the translation is ok you have to do nothing, otherwise you write
the correct translation down, you say with one click this picture
please (like you make the file selection in dolphin) and write down
the next example.

I'd like to see parley as a working equipment for your work.

You have Amarok for working with audio files where you get additionaly
informations about the audio file.
You have Digikam for working with pictures where you get informations
from your pictures (date, gps infos, ....)
You have Parley for working with languages with integration to
language tools, and information tools. And maybe Parley will be
anytime a app for working with information.

I'm no coder (I feel sorry for that, but to be a good coder you need
time and a don't want to investigate so much time) so you can say let
him talk.

Is it a good idea? Will it be possible?
When you don't understand the improvement part I can make some Screens.

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