[kde-edu]: KDE-Edu survey

Lydia Pintscher lydia at kde.org
Sat Nov 21 22:23:20 CET 2009

On Sat, Nov 21, 2009 at 22:15, Aleix Pol <aleixpol at kde.org> wrote:
> is it translatable? what did you use to create it?
> some more languages would be really appreciated I guess.

It is quickly done with Google Docs' form feature. The strings in the
theme that are not provided by me (ie everything but the questions and
explanations) get translated depending on the user's locale. The
questions unfortunately not. We would need to create several surveys
in different languages for that.
While I agree this is not nice and we loose some answers due to this
we also have the problem of having to be able to read the answers in
other languages. Not sure how much of a problem this is though.

If someone has some better software to _quickly and easily_ create
surveys let me know. I need that every now and then and so far this
has been the best I found.


Lydia Pintscher
Amarok community manager
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