[kde-edu]: URGENT: Rocs inclusion and kdeedu module future

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Tue Nov 3 12:21:33 CET 2009


We have a new program ready for KDE 4.4 in playground/edu, Rocs, a Graph 
Theory program. 

Considering it is more specialized than other Edu applications, I asked the 
release-team about the opportunity of creating a new module: kdescience
with Rocs and Cantor (and maybe Kyle). This is accepted as a possibility but 
there are other options.
However soft feature freeze is tomorrow which implies that the decision should 
be taken today in order to be added to the feature plan.

An option would be for KDE-Edu to be in the near future a project like KOffice, 
slightly detached from KDE main but we could still release at the same dates. 
This would make us stronger as a branding identity provided we have the 
resources to make it happen: logo, better website, ... At the moment I am too 
busy with personal life to take care of it (I am frequently away to see my 
parents, without internet and without time for KDE, I am sorry I cannot be 
more present to organize a meeting and boost us). However other people can 
step in to coordinate this (noneed tobe a developer!)

So basically for the 4.4 release, we have several options:
- include Rocs in kdeedu module and wait for 4.5 to make changes
- create a kdescience module with Rocs and Cantor for 4.4 and see what we want 
to do for 4.5
- make KDE-Edu a specific project which would need some special promotion and 

What do you think?


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